Small town life never seemed to bother Peggy Colt. One of eight children, she took care of her siblings without complaint. But she loved to roller skate. Every spare moment was spent on the rink. With the inspiration of a curious dove, Peggy followed her morals amidst direct opposition, and followed her heart to the roller derby. Dodging and overcoming obstacles, whether they came from corrupt townspeople or the opposing team, the indomitable spirit of Peggy Colt prevailed. She brought a new, bright hope into her tired hometown. Until tragedy struck.

Twenty years later, brothers Robert and Ralph invite a mysterious man into their home. He says his name is Pete Walk and he can answer the unanswered question. What happened to Peggy Colt and why? Pete investigates the twenty year-old cold case in the hope of bringing peace to a fractured family, and a heartbroken town.